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Services for Physicians:

Simply fill out our Physician Profile and email to our Customer Service Center. One of our experienced physician-recruiters will call within 24 hours to make your search hassle-free. The Physician Profile enables our team to soundly present to you only positions that meet your criteria as the current positions become available.

What makes SourceMD® unique? While it is true that we are paid by the employer, we serve both the physician and the employer equally. We listen keenly to what the physician wants. We get paid for doing our homework and facilitating communication ... we do not merely refer people to each other. As physicians ourselves, we are no stranger to homework. Relationships can only work if everybody wins and we consider ourselves accountable.

In addition to the usual information such as qualifications and compensation ... physicians typically also ask for details about what future is being proposed .

The the more details the better: a clear job description, details about the work environment, who you will be working with, information about the facility, you'll be working in and how busy you will be. You'll also want to know community information.

At SourceMD® we give fine-tuned, accurate details to make your search faster, easier, better.

There is no charge to you as a physician for our services. Your Physician Profile is strictly confidential. It will not be released unless specifically authorized by you.

  • Relocation Service SourceMD® can assist you with relocation and alleviate uncertainties.
  • Anonymous e-mail service
  • Resume/CV-building assistance We can help you create a powerful Curriculum Vitae to help land the job you desire.
  • Salary consulting We can help you determine the appropriate salary and benefits package
  • Contract Negotiation Consulting advice in negotiating contracts and signing bonuses.
  • Travel assistance
  • Help with obtaining medical licenses Medical licenses vary from state to state. SourceMD® will assist you in obtaining a medical license in the state you wish to work. We can help with the paperwork and tell you exactly what you need to obtain your new license, taking the hassle out of relocating. (Federal facilities are the exception to the rule. If you are working at a federal facility, any state license is valid. However, you should check with individual facility to confirm their policy, as well as any additional credentials they may require.)