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Your Homework Becomes Our Homework:

A successful interview happens when critical information is communicated. Either things are going to work between a physician and employer or they're not. When do you want to find that out? Right now, or after everbody's rearranged their life to embark on a future that's never going to happen..

Physicians are a unique breed:

While Physicians are most certainly human, they are not "ordinary people". A physician adopts a level of accountablility unlike any other member of society. Phyisican employers rely on this accountability. As physicicans ourselves, we uniquely understand, appreciate and govern ourselves accordingly to share, facilitate and empower that accountability. We are accountable.

We lay the groundwork for a successful interview and foundation for your partnership, your mutual promise and future with each other.

For a hospital or other health care facility with an unfilled position, finding the right candidate is unspeakably critical. While it may be obvious that future patients' lives are at stake, the physicians of SourceMD® honor and uniquely understand what is at stake for both the physician candidate and employer. Physician recruiting is, therefore, more complicated, demanding and rigorous than recruiting for any another professional position. This is what you're signing up for, when you sign up with SourceMD®: We are physicians ourselves.

Physicians' Employers are a unique breed:

With a firm understanding of the overwhelming staffing demands in the health care industry, SourceMD® offers a narrow niche of services that are customized for each client to meet their specific needs. Our primary focus is to meet your long-term hiring objectives in a timely, creative, and cost-effective manner. We provide the results required to meet the most demanding deadlines.

Fast Response: Your emergencies don't wait, and neither do we. Your phone calls will be returned as soon as your situation requires.

Top-notch candidates: As physicians ourselves, we understand the strict requirements, guidlines and accountabilities of today's world of healthcare. We are extremely selective about the physicians we present. All our candidates undergo a rigorous pre-screening process, in which credentials are verified and do our due diligence in reference checking.

Contingency-based contracts: SourceMD® offers a contingency-based contract assuring no fee unless you are satisfied and hire one of our candidates.

Detailed analysis of the practice opportunity: Before we conduct a search for candidates for your position, we ensure its successful completion through our systemized approach, obtaining the following details of the position. This information streamlines the selection process, targeting the needs of the physician before the interview takes place.

SourceMD® conducts a detailed analysis of the practice opportunity or faculty appointment in order to gain a clear understanding of those attributes the physician group or hospital seeks in a physician candidate. Facts are compiled regarding:

  • Call schedule
  • Reason for recruitment
  • Compensation package
  • Candidate credentials required
  • Procedures performed, and volume
  • Equipment
  • CV Screening

Each physician is thoroughly screened through our fact-finding phone interview process. As in today's healthcare world there are very strict guidelines, we pre-qualify all candidates, verifying credentials and completing reference checks. By confirming the candidate's education, experience and skills, SourceMD® streamlines your recruiting.